Best Cement Manufacturing Companies in Canada

Cast Insitu cement concrete slab in Canada

The history of cement companies in Canada dates back to time immemorial. A major historic merger recorded in the year 1909 saw to the birth of the largest cement production plant located in Montreal. Ever since then, the industry has been growing so big especially with the introduction of ready mix concrete solutions provided by most manufacturers these days.

By definition, cements are adhesive materials which serves as binders to hold together the particles of fine aggregate in mortar or that of coarse aggregates in concrete for different construction purposes. In civil engineering, coarse aggregates refer to gravel, stones, boulders, chippings etc while fine aggregate simple means sands.

There are various types of cements used in Canada today, they include

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) This is the bestselling and most popular type used in making blocks, plastering of walls etc.
  • Rapid Hardening Cement
  •  Low Heat Cement
  •  Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) used mainly in marine works.
  • Extra Rapid Hardening Cement
  • Quick Setting Cement
  • White Cement
  • Sulfates Resisting Cement
  • High Alumina Cement
  • Blast Furnace Slag Cement

Before buying or ordering for any quantity of cements bags online, you might need to first consult with your preferred cement home depot to discuss what’s best for you.

Top cement manufacturing plant in canada

Canada is home to a whole lot of cement plants from both local and international manufacturers. We have here a list of the best producers based on number of plants, employees, revenue and large customer base.

1. Heidelberg Materials

The leading cement manufacturing company, HeidelbergCement is a big producer of building materials in about 5 continents of the world. In Canada, the organization started operations in 1993. Currently, it is reputed for sale of aggregates, ready-mix concrete, cements, asphalt, coal etc.

The company has in its employment over 51,000 employees around the world. In 2021, the organization recorded about €18.7 billion in revenue.

Lehigh Hanson is a subsidiary of Heidelberg Materials which currently has three cement plants facilities in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. As an integrated building material supplier, the group deals on quarries with large aggregate deposits in addition to sale of pipes to the local markets.

Contact phone: +49 6221 481 13249.

Email Address: [email protected].

2. Lafarge cement Canada

With over 6,000 direct employees and about 350 sites across Canada, Lafarge supplies engineers and other construction companies in the industry with low-carbon building materials aimed at fostering sustainable growth and development.

A merger occurred in 2015 with Holcim that led to the change of the organization’s name to LafargeHolcim which later became a member of Holcim Group in 2021. As a core value, the group is committed to proffering green solutions to clients construction jobs from ECOPlanet green cement to ECOPact green concrete.

Just like Heidelberg, Lafarge is a multinational wholesale dealer on ready-mix & precast concrete, aggregates, asphalt and paving while also maintaining it’s market position as the largest producer of assorted construction materials from cement to roofing, renovation and waterproofing materials etc.

Eastern Canada Address: 6509 Airport Road
Mississauga, ON, L4V 1S7

Contact phone: (905) 738-7070.

Western Canada Head Office Address: #300 115 Quarry Park Road SE Calgary, Alberta T2C 5G9
Contact phone: (403) 225-5400.

3. Ash Grove Canada

Ash Grove is one of the major cement producing companies in Canada today with over 15 terminals located in North America and production plants sites in Québec, Joliette and Ontario, Mississauga. The ISO 9001 certified dealer, Ash Grove was in 2018 purchased by a popular building materials company named CRH plc.

Since the last 140 years, Ash Grove has been producing both the special and multi-purpose cementitious materials usable for construction of roads, dams, bridges, commercial and residential building projects. Indeed, Ash Grove is also one of the United States biggest cement producers having shipped 14.3 million tons of cement in 2021.

Additionally, there are job opportunities for aspirants looking to advance their career in the construction industry with the company. To work with the organization, visit their office or call the phone number for more details.

Contact phone: 1-877-332-3306
Office Address: 2300 Steeles Avenue West, 4th Floor Concord, Ontario Canada.

4. McInnis Cement

Here goes McInnis Cement, well known for manufacturing high quality Portland cements for critical markets in Canada. It owns a $1 billion worth of cement plant located at Port-Daniel–Gascons, Quebec with a production capacity of 2.2 million metric ton annually in addition to its network of terminals.

The McInnis high performance plant has ISO 9001, 14001 and NSF certification. In 2011, the firm became a part of St. Marys Cement Inc which formerly operated as Votorantim Cimentos North America. Career opportunities exists also at the company, for more inquiries or sales, please use the contacts below.

Contact phone: 438 382-3331.
Office Address: 2000 Mansfield, suite 300 Montréal, Québec H3A 2Y9 Canada

5. Ciment Québec Inc

Ciment Québec produces cements of high quality for the Canadian construction industry alongside Concrete solutions and Aggregates. It is a relatively large company with over 700 skilled and experienced direct employees in its payroll.

Its cement division started in 1947 in Saint-Basile-de-Portneuf but changed to it’s present name in 1953. CQI as its abbreviated, produces many types of cements that it distributes to the rest of the country and available markets in the USA.

Contact phone: 418 329-2100.
Office Address: 145, du Centenaire Blvd. Saint-Basile (Quebec) G0A 3G0 Canada.

6. Federal White Cement, Ltd

The Federal white Cement is tested and trusted for quality. Its products are white Portland cements with little quantity of iron and manganese aimed at maintaining its pure white color. In North America, it is sold in both packages and truck rail.

This color of cement is usually recommended, needed where there is need for beautification.

Contact phone: +1 519-485-5410.
Office Address: PO Box 1609, Woodstock, Ontario Canada N4S 0A8.
Email Address: [email protected]

Bonus company on the International scene

7. Cemex building materials

Cemex is a very big player today in the worlds cement manufacturing industry and it is well known for its large employee base. Overtime, Cemex has supplied bags of cements used in high-profile jobs in Canada from civil engineering works to lesser complicated residential buildings – the list is endless.

Cemex as a global building materials company has up to 64 cement plants worldwide with presence in 4 continents. It originated from Mexico in 1906 and since then has spread across the world with presence in Canada. According to Forbes Global 2000, Cemex annual sales stacks at US$13 billion.

Contact phone: +52 (81) 8888-4327.


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