Best Doors and Windows manufacturers in Canada

Best windows and doors manufacturers in Canada

Wall openings are important parts of your building and so, should be built with the best frame and pane materials available. This post aims to review a list of top rated Doors and Windows manufacturers – companies with years of experience in supply, fixture and post installation services of energy efficient, easy to maintain windows & doors materials in Canada that may allow passage of light and fresh air in homes without dumbing excessive cost on the house owner as a result of heat loss.

To begin with, let us guide you through the different finishing styles or popular looks that these openings take for both exterior & interior doors in addition to unique windows designs trending in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Victoria, Charlottetown, Whitehorse, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Quebec, Calgary, Montreal, St. John’s, Saskatoon, Halifax and Banff etc.

Types of Windows in Canada

Top rated windows manufacturing brands in Canada

Before placing your order with any local manufacturer, it is good you know the type of window you intend to buy and how it suits your room or other space’s needs. In reality, there are many material types and styles in which windows in Canada open or close, including the custom made ones consisting of a combination of other styles. Below are the trending or most popular designs you can find around.

  • Casement windows

    These are window panels attached to the frame with the use of hinge(s) for outward opening, in such a way that it makes an imaginary arc with its center at the fixed point. It usually has a lock and handle by the sides in most modern-day buildings.

  • Sliding windows

    These are the type of windows that open horizontally by running on a bottom or top track like a train on it’s separate lane. They are also known as Slider windows since they move from side-to-side.

  • Single or Double-hung Windows

    This is a pattern of opening or closing windows on sashes. A Single-hung window has one moveable sash and one fixed sash while the more versatile Double-hung window has its panes attached to two separate moveable sashes which makes for improved ventilation and room temperature control.
    Though Hung windows are unique, it’s pattern of opening and closing is similar to that of Sliding windows in that the former runs vertically while the latter runs horizontally.

  • Awning Windows

    This is best used when extra ventilation and light are needed. It has hinges at top of its frame and with swings as if they were specifically designed to let in air while providing shade and preventing splashes of rain from entering the house. It can be opened manually by pushing the pane outwards with a hand or automatically with the use of control devices

  • Picture or Fixed Windows

    This is an architectural window type designed to showcase the scenery indoors or outdoors as the case may be for decorative purposes. Fixed glass windows are also called picture windows especially when used as focal points in living rooms or bedrooms. Just as the name depicts, these kind of windows are completely fixed and aims to portray any view on display.

  • Tilt & Turn Windows

    These are windows designed to swing their full glass pane open for either ventilation or to throw in light. Just from the name, it works in 2 different ways. It tilts by swinging the upper side of it inside the room while the lower side goes out to prevent the entrance of rain. It turns just like a casement with hinges by the side; in this case, a net is usually attached to it

  • Skylights

    These are windows designed with transparent or translucent materials specifically for roofs to let in light into the building. Some roof lighting systems now let in air too with the use of Awning, tilt & turn windows designs, etc instead of the traditional fixed transparent glass windows.

Types of Exterior and Interior Doors in Canada

Doors are simply entry points carved out on walls to allow free or secure passage of live loads which includes people, furnitures, books, cooking utensils, vehicles and any other moveable material in a building. Depending on the position they occupy in a house, there are entrance front doors and inner room doors which are alternatively called exterior doors and interior doors respectively.

Since the aesthetics, efficiency and security of a building is a thing of concern to designers, estate developers or house owners, the entrance doors are usually fortified against harsh weather conditions and with every necessary feature it needs to protect the house while retaining its beauty or functional looks.

Irrespective of where they appear in a building, here is a classification of doors based on their opening and closing mechanisms – below are the popular doors installed in Canadian buildings you may want to consider for your latest or next project.

  • Hinge doors

    These are basically the most simplest kind of doors in Canada . The door leaves are attached to the frame with two or more hinges which are usually concealed while allowing rotation at an angle of 90 degrees. Front doors are the busiest, when this type is considered to serve entry point duties, they are usually constructed with the Ball Bearing Hinges which caters for the heavy duty load imposed on them as a result of their function. These kind of hinges with small ball race bearings can also be used on internal doors for smoother operation.

  • Sliding doors

    This is a popular door type which involves horizontal linear movement of door panels from one point to another on top and bottom tracks. There are many variants of this type which includes Pocket doors and Bypass doors or Bi-fold doors. Pocket sliding doors slide into or beside the wall to create enough passage way for occupants and in essence, used where there isn’t enough space.

  • Bifold doors

    This is a creative door design that involves the combination of hinge and sliding door types. Two door leaves are designed to fold with the help of 2 or more hinges while sliding or creating space for entrance using a slide mechanism. Bifold doors can be used at entry points to Patios, room, offices, bars etc

  • Rotating doors

    The revolving doors, also known as Spinning doors consist of basically 3 or 4 wings that are equally distanced from one another round a center shaft. It is called a rotating door because these leaves rotate round the center cylinder. They are used in shopping malls, offices and some educational building entrances where people come in and go out in large quantities every day. They do not just blow in air while rotating, they help to indicate that a particular shop is currently open at the moment.

  • Double doors

    The side-by-side door also known as French doors are one of the popular door designs you can use for your exterior or entrance doors. They two leaves allow for a wider entrance in and out of the building.

Windows and Doors Manufacturers, Brands in Canada

Below is a list of the best manufacturing companies of high quality doors and windows in the North American country.

List of Window & Doors manufacturers 2023

Manufacturers Contacts
EuroSeal Windows & Doors Toronto – Call
Ontario Aluminum and Glass Toronto – Call
West Coast Windows Vancouver – Call
Vinyltek Vancouver – Call
Scheel Window Ottawa – Call
Verdun Windows Ottawa – Call
Centra Windows Victoria – Call
Vanisle Windows Victoria – Call
Vinyltech windows PEI Charlottetown – Call
Kohltech Charlottetown – Call

Materials used in making Doors and Windows

They following are the types of materials used in the manufacturing of doors and windows in the Canadian construction industry.

  1. Wood
  2. Glass
  3. Steel
  4. Fibreglass
  5. Aluminium
  6. Poly vinyl chloride (PVC)
  7. Composite materials like plywood, particle boards, Fibreboards, etc
  8. Other Metals

In summary, before coming to a final conclusion on doors or window units to choose for your construction projects, consider the following features frame, pane materials, design, installation and repairs & maintenance services in the long run. Checkout Door Manufacturers in Nigeria.


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